Our Story

 Chief Operating Officer, Toni Lukindo, in Arusha, Tanzania

Emayani (pronounced: Em-my-yani), was inspired by the women of the Maasai tribe in Tanzania known for their intricately handcrafted jewelry and weaving. Due to unpredictable weather patterns, the Maasai’s pastoral dependent livelihood has been negatively affected, leaving their communities financially vulnerable. Maasai men are compelled to depart for bigger cities where jobs are often low paying, while the women remain in their villages using their world-renowned artisan skills to craft beautiful jewelry, clothing, and art which they sell to tourists to support their families. The tourism industry which the Maasai women depend on has also been very unreliable, creating an ever-larger financial burden for the Maasai local communities. 

Emayani is an online marketplace where the Maasai women, and local artisans anywhere, can sell their jewelry globally and share the magic of their culture with the world.  This empowering entrepreneurship creates a steady flow of income allowing them to provide for their families and send their children to school. 
How You Can Help!
Every purchase you make helps to support the enhanced livelihood of our artisans and contribute to the growth of their local communities. With great customers like you, we are building a blueprint to help the Maasai people, and local artisans across Africa and America, flourish economically!